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"To Survive or To Live?"


DURATION: 13 minutes

GENRE: Sci-Fi / Drama

LANGUAGE: English 

FORMAT: Digital

DIRECTED BY: Andres Garza Escobar
PRODUCED BY: Sushant Desai
STARRING: Jennifer Shirley, Robert Garry Haacke

While fleeing from an apocalyptic mist, ANA and ADAM are forced to confront an eternal dilemma: to keep running or to cherish what’s left.

Living on the run for several months after being forced to flee from a poisonous mist, a once-envied couple ANA and ADAM are on the verge of exhaustion; in their distressed state, they take refuge in an abandoned home, trying to gather their spirit to endure the journey ahead.

As ANA finds warmth and contentment within their momentary abode, she recognizes the futility in running from inevitable extinction and so she insists on spending their final moments to live, rather than to survive; but ADAM is unwilling to concede to the mist and is determined to outrun it, causing a final rift in their fading relationship.

Moments after ADAM’s somber departure, ANA regrets her decision to stay and runs out in search of him, hoping he too returns upon having the same introspection; after a long futile search, as she falls to her knees in an open field, morose and defeated, she hears ADAM call out her name.

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